Christian Dior

There is perhaps no haute-couture house which epitomises luxury and refinement as completely as French fashion house Dior does. 

Launched in 1947, the brand quickly imposed itself as a revolutionary designer. With superlative elegance and ultra-feminine clothes, Dior has dressed movie stars, political figures and royalty since the 1950s and continues to be an inspiration all around the globe. 

Christian Dior’s stroke of genius was to decide to license products in 1949 in order to make high-end fashion affordable and accessible to the public. Dior glasses were the first ones to be launched with this concept and they have enjoyed a phenomenal success since then, reinventing themselves each season to offer fresh looks while remaining faithful to the Dior philosophy. The brand has since then expanded into cosmetics and its fragrances have been particularly popular.

Dior sunglasses are the ultimate expression of glamour and are supremely flattering. Available in a range of tints and a breath-taking array of shapes, there is a model suitable for every face and every occasion, from a casual get-together to an exclusive cocktail party. The iconic golden and silver Dior logo features on most arms and the timeless style of these designer sunglasses will establish you as both a trendsetter and an individual with faultless taste.

In addition to their dazzling sun-loving glasses, Dior prescription glasses are the perfect answer for people needing eyesight correction but refusing to let it ruin their look. With their sleek, minimalist and contemporary designs, you are sure to make head turns.

Emma Roberts, Paris Hilton and Sharon Stone are some of Dior’s fans, and for good reasons. With their history, innovative collections and fine craftsmanship, their lines of eyewear are the most desirable designer glasses there are on the market.