Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is an American fashion designer who thrives on creating controversial clothes and who readily admits that he can’t think of anything worse than his work leaving people indifferent.

Winner of countless fashion awards, creative director of Louis Vuitton’s luxury luggage lines since 1997, Marc Jacobs designed his first collection under his own label in 1986 and is today recognised as one of the most influential designers on the scene.

A recurring theme in Marc Jacobs’ products is one of openly sexy looks, prompting the fashion press to once comment that a woman would have to wear five of his dresses on top of each other not to be placed under arrest for indecency! But aside from this, his style is unpredictable from season to season, which perhaps explains why his creations generate strong reactions and why he is as beloved as he is and even at times, misunderstood. 

What is certain is that Marc Jacobs can make anything look cool. He has a talent for casual yet refined aesthetics which can be seen in all his lines of products, including his line of designer glasses.

With a wide array of shapes and colours available, Marc Jacobs sunglasses are a must-have accessory for the fashion conscious. They are often characterised by oversized and chunky retro frames, like the Marc Jacobs Dot Oversized Frame, and have been sported by celebrities such as Megan Fox, Jessica Biel, Brad Pitt and Vanessa Hudgens. If you fancy a deceptively demure and classic look, the brand also offers a range of timeless Aviator shaped lenses with a contemporary reinterpretation. 

Available in both single hue and duo-tones, the brand’s designer sunglasses will certainly follow Marc Jacobs’ wish not to leave people indifferent.

Marc Jacobs prescription glasses, like their sunglasses, boast the same subtle and stylish detailing on their frames, and the desirable label name is printed along each arm.

  • Marc Jacobs MJ326 Green

    Marc Jacobs MJ326 Green

    Regular Price: RM790.00

    Special Price: RM490.00

  • Marc Jacobs MJ515 S Black

    Marc Jacobs MJ515 S Black

    Regular Price: RM790.00

    Special Price: RM490.00