Born in the 1980s during the Golden Age of professional ambition, Italian fashion brand Police have always been passionate about glasses and rose to fame designing rebellious, spirited eyewear for bold people.

Inspired by police-force designs, Police sunglasses projected an image of self-assurance, rock’n’roll attitude and irreverence never before seen in the world of designer sunglasses. Their signature model, the famous Aviator-shaped blue mirror lenses launched in the 1990s and enjoyed instant international success with both men and women wanting to express their inner strength.

Throughout its history, Police have remained current thanks to their ability to re-invent themselves with every season. They do this either through innovative designs or subtle changes in detailing, such as the transformation of the brand logo from an eagle into a minimalist “P”. Police glasses are unapologetically original and cultivate an ultra-cool look with the vibrant colours of their aluminium frames to create a sleek style.

The superior materials they use guarantee the highest quality and the unique shaping makes them immediately recognisable and iconic.

Police designer glasses have seduced the public as well as superlative movie stars who have been the face of the brand and underlined the various facets of Police’s identity. Who better than Bruce Willis can project the force and energy the brand stands for? Who other than Antonio Banderas can ooze quiet strength and mystery? As for George Clooney, his effortless charm and classy style are the perfect expression of Police’s sexy look. And David Beckham, well, he is Style itself.

Police prescription glasses offer the same renowned craftsmanship and the same elegant yet rebellious spirit, As with their sunglasses, their branding is featured in an obvious but unobtrusive style, so that you can let the world know that you are one of those unafraid, free spirits that follow their own path.

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