Rexe Eyewear

An eyewear that projects your persona, stature and fashion, it just like
music that gives you as the air element in the life, REXE Eyewear
defines character in the way you want it, whether it is prescription
or sunglasses.

The brand REXE, just like musician create the music with creative,
endless imagination to bring the pleasant piece of art to audiences.
REXE Eyewear’s audiences are young, energetic and stylish people
who are in the glamorous world and to redefine the RETRO element
of the fashion industry.

All REXE Eyewear frames are hand-made polishing using the most
sophisticated tools and composite materials after numerous years of
manufacturing experiences to the major brands around the world.
Laser carving techniques and high quality Swarovski Crystals on
Mazzucchelli Acetate enhances the style and properties of the frames.
The robustness and lightweight exhibited by the frame are yet to be
achieved by other market leaders. REXE Eyewear with the use of
eco-friendly Mazzucchelli Acetate allows it to be recycled thus reducing
the carbon footprint and impact on virgin materials, along with Swiss
and Austria accessories.

Experienced and talented in-house team of experts produces ergonomically
and stunningly design frames to suit all types of fit requirements and
an option of having a specific version nose-pad as an add on to
maximise the comfort is also available.

Despite of the new launching in 2008, REXE Eyewear is well known and
available in the market globally. REXE gives you the power to be the
influence rather than be influenced. It gives you an option to enjoy the
masterpiece of the talented musician, and be the leader and change
the fashion world around you.

  • Rexe Eyewear RG24 Purple

    Rexe Eyewear RG24 Purple

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