Versace is one of those brands whose appeal was so extraordinary that it become a success overnight. Gianni Versace opened his first clothes boutique in Milan in 1978 and gradually imposed himself as one of the most creative haute couture designer in the world. Although he was murdered in 1997, his sister Donatella has preserved the spirit of his creations and added her own feminine touch to the Versace lines which include today, luxury clothing, fragrances, designer glasses, cosmetics, handbags and home furnishings.

Versace’s popularity comes from their core value of infusing glamour and sexiness in all their products and their clever association with celebrities who either promote their clothes by wearing them or model their collections. Elton John, the late Princess Diana, Beyoncé, Elizabeth Hurley, Madonna are but a few of the stars who have lent their faces to the brand.
With such credentials, it is no surprise that Versace’s designer sunglasses and glasses would be so sought after. Their eyewear shows the same striking features as their clothes, and combines technical innovation with tasteful design, all of this at very reasonable prices. 

Versace also offers a wide range of designer prescription glasses in many styles, from colourful trendy frames to half frames, and regularly add new models to the collection such as the Versace VE 1371 and 1372 which boast a slightly retro look. The modern elegance of their frames is unique and, like many other Versace's products, they often echo the graphic language of their fashion lines, featuring a variation of the Greek frieze of the brand’s logo or their name. 

Versace’s glasses are unashamedly bold and sexy and will give you an air of confidence and sophistication like no other designer glasses will. Ever dreamt of being on a catwalk? Versace’s glasses will make you feel just like a supermodel.

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